Our Credentials 

I am a member of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association), and am accredited by the Better Business Bureau. I am licensed to practice law in all 50 states. For verification of my bar membership, see Connecticut Judicial Branch; where the site asks for attorney last name, please type in “Dean”.

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We have clients from all 50 States in the US—from the East Coast to the South, the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Our clients have fiancées and spouses from every part of the world, including China, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Canada, the U.K., Russia, Germany, the Ukraine, Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, and South America.

The following are some testimonials from a few of our clients:

Eric is an insightful attorney who provided thorough knowledge into the immigration process. Eric and his team gave honest and timely counsel in assisting my wife obtaining her immigration visa at the American Embassy in Jordan. I highly recommend the law offices of Eric Dean to prepare, advise and develop a strategies when dealing with immigration issues. 

- Basel (wife from Jordan)

I just want to say how helpful and knowledgeable Eric was throughout the visa process for my wife. His estimates on the timelines of the visa process was spot on, we did not have any issues with missing or incorrect information with the application. He prepared us for the interview at the US Consulate and told us what to expect.

We were very lucky to have found Eric’s services and are extremely grateful for what he has done for our family! Without a doubt you will not find anyone better to assist you with your immigration needs.

PS. A year later Eric has assisted us again with immigrating my stepson to US, once again the service was outstanding!


- Igor (wife from the Ukraine)


I want to let everyone know about what a pleasure it was having Eric help us through the immigration process. If you’re looking for a lawyer and are reading this, look no more. Eric does a terrific job at handling the arduous process of dealing with the government paperwork. It is a very tense, long, and confusing process to attempt by yourself. We couldn't have done it without Eric and his many years of experience. He really was a life saver.

My wife's journey was made quicker and easier by having a competent lawyer, and Eric always kept us up-to-date and well informed. Eric helped us with both the K-1 Visa, and Thao's Work/Travel Permit and Green Card. I believe having Eric made the difference between having my wife here now and otherwise still sitting in Vietnam wading through the process. Thank you Eric.


- Todd & Thao (Vietnam)

I wish to thank you for the time, care and professionalism you have provided to Tatiana and myself. You have exceeded my hope and expectations in your effort to get our K1 Visa. We received our visa within six months of commencement of the process. Simply outstanding!  

Your attention to details and making sure that every document was in proper order and form was instrumental in making sure every document submitted was accepted on the first presentation. I am quite sure that if I had attempted to pursue this on my own that would have wasted months of our precious time making mistakes or not understanding the process. You always answered by questions in speedy manner and many times within hours.

I highly recommend your service to anyone seeking to secure a K 1 Fiancé Visa.

Thank you,

- Edward (fiancée from Moldova)

My wife and I had a lot of frustrating issues with the embassy in Skopje about getting a visa to move to the US, and if it wasn't for this amazing lawyer here, who made it all so simple for us, she would still not be in America. He is one of the best immigration lawyers out there and trusting him was the best thing to do. My wife is now living happily married to me in the US, her dreamland. We had nothing to worry about. Eric handled everything so professionally and right. Thank you!


- Dave (fiancée from Kosovo)

Eric and his wife Liz went above and beyond with their patience, understanding and availability. The petition they put together for us was very complete, accurate, and professional. They were so accessible and kind that it felt like the only case they were working on was ours. They made this much easier for us and were very personable the whole way through. Thank you Eric and Liz!!!


- Sean (Fiancée from the Philippines)

Finding someone to help my fiancée and me with her visa application from Vietnam was the first crucial step in a long journey. There are a lot of people out there offering visa services and it’s hard to know who to choose. I spoke to several potential attorneys on the phone and chose Eric because he answered the phone and was very passionate and straightforward. I am SO glad that I did! Eric took a complicated and daunting process and made it as simple as it could be. He guided us through all of the steps, always making sure that we knew what to expect next. After receiving the K1 visa we enlisted Eric again for my wife's travel permit, work permit and green card - which we just received!! I can't imagine trying to go through this process without Eric's help. He has a unique combination of skill, empathy, and patience. In terms of value for money, Eric's services are a bargain. And in terms of what his help has meant to me and my wife, it's been priceless.

- Rick (fiancée from Vietnam)

Hi Eric:

We got the green card today. Thank you so much!!! You are the most patient, knowledgeable, crafty and zenlike calm lawyer I have had the pleasure of doing business with. I couldn't have done it without you. If I was going to have another kid I would name him after you!

If you need me for any kudos I'm there!

Many mahalos Brah!


- Wade (fiancée from the Philippines):

My experience with this team has been beyond expectations. Their knowledge in handling info, documents and their presentation to the authorities make it almost foolproof in receiving a visa.


- Tony (fiancée from Ukraine:

Eric and Liz helped me get a visa for my fiancée from Cambodia. I think back and realize that hiring them was the best choice I made. Before I was juggling with the decision of doing it myself, but I thought for awhile and realized my fiancée means too much to me, and there were a lot of things about the process I wasn’t sure about.

I went to the interview with my fiancée and I can tell you personally about the whole experience. My fiancée was the last one to be interviewed, so we got to listen in. It surprised me to see very few people get their visas that day—about 10 out of 40 people. I think that was on their good day! It doesn’t take much to have a visa denied, that’s for sure.

I’m sure glad I didn’t put my fiancée in the “HOT SEAT” like some others! They were asked question after question just to have their visa denied. Some didn’t have enough documents, and some just weren’t well-prepared. As far as my fiancée, she was asked about 5 or 6 questions, and they granted her visa.

This is just a piece of advice for those who are undecided. Don’t take a risk on something so important. Let Eric and Liz put your mind at ease. After all, they do know what you’re going through—they’ve been there. Thank you Eric and Liz for all that you have done!

- Meth (fiancée from Cambodia)

Dear Eric and Liz, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your hard work and your diligence in helping my wife and daughter receive their visas in China. You have repeatedly gone "above & beyond the call of duty" to help us reach this goal! I was very impressed with your insistence on having the paperwork as perfect as possible, and with your prompt answers to any questions we had! You added a personal touch to your work that other attorneys just do not have! And your fees are more than reasonable, especially for someone like me that’s on a fixed income! All in all, I was very pleased with your hard work and your persistence in making sure everything went right! Soon my wife and daughter will be coming from China to join me in their new home and new life here in Oklahoma. The happiness I feel, even now, brightens my day! Eric and Liz, you have helped make that happiness a reality for all of us! I would recommend you both to anyone who needs a visa to bring a loved one to this country! After my first failed attempt to do it on my own, you both made all the difference! I consider you both good friends as well as our legal counsel! Thanks again for all your help!

Sincerely, Mike D.


- Mike (wife from China)

I would like to take this opportunity to let all your future clients hear what a wonderful job you did with the spousal visa for my wife, Everlide. This was my one and only time to need these services and my first concern was the cost; referred lawyers in Houston were charging upward to $10K, plus a consultation fee in the $100s. I was so happy I found you. I spoke with you and you sounded knowledgeable, friendly and competent and the price was much less than anyone else. I came to feel extremely secure knowing that every time I emailed a concern that your answer was coming soon; always within hours. Also when I called in emergency moments you always answered the phone. Your explanation of the timing of everything involved was spot on perfect and understanding the months involved in this process was important to me. I highly recommend Eric Dean as an expert in his field that will give you clear and unwavering guidance and legal assistance in a time when bringing your loved on to the USA is paramount to you. He is the best!


- Wes (wife from Colombia)

Eric and Liz managed to make a process that would have been tedious, confusing and overwhelming as simple as could be. Eric answered all our questions to our satisfaction. He responded to all queries and followed up with the USCIS and the Consulate when we got antsy during the wait. He provided feedback whenever we requested and ensured we were prepared for each stage. Throughout the period we worked with him, his service was personal, ensuring we felt we were his priority while being professional. We got the K-1 visa and will be getting married soon. Once again, thanks Eric and Liz.


- Opubo (fiancée from Nigeria)

Dear Eric-I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and your wife Liz for helping secure the K-1 visa for my fiancée, Julia, and the K-2 visa for her daughter. You were with me all along the way with your kindness, friendship, caring and of course, your help. Thanks to you, Julia will be coming to the U.S.A. soon and we are to be married shortly thereafter. Yes, I do believe that you were "sweating it out" (the outcome) with us and we both thank you very much for your support. Your diligence and knowledge of the entire process were most instrumental in making things go smoothly . . . (not to mention your 3 A.M. e-mails and your personal call to me telling me that the I-129F packet had arrived at the consular office in Guangzhou) and you even helped after the paperwork was at the Chinese consulate with your continued suggestions and assistance as to how the interview would be conducted and items Julia needed to bring along with her. For these reasons, I have decided to enlist your further assistance in getting Julia her green card as well as her work and travel permits. Once again, thank you so very much for all you've done in helping our dreams come true.


- Martin (fiancée from China):

Eric, thanks for making this process feel ridiculously easy. Amy and I are very grateful everything went smooth and there wasn't a single problem! Thanks for answering all our emails and phone calls no matter how late or how early in the morning they were. We still can't figure out if you sleep or not! haha. We are very satisfied that we chose you to handle our K-1 visa paperwork, Mahalo and Kamsa hamnida from Jason and Amy


- Jason (fiancée from Korea)

I cannot say enough good things about Eric and his wife! From the very first contact, I had a sense of relief that my case was in good hands.

The immigration process is very expensive, and I was pleased to find that Eric’s fees were more than reasonable.

I was able to talk with him day or night; when I was worried or confused or just wanted to ask a question. He was always available to share his opinions and experience. My emails were answered within hours, and my calls were answered by him each time I called.
Eric was honest, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. The packages he put together for us were well organized, impressive and easy to read. I believe that is one of the big reasons my husband and I were approved for our K-3 visa in 120 days!

I recommend Eric and his wife to anyone going through this process. He will set your mind at ease, take away the fear of making a mistake, and he will not overcharge you for his services.

- Linda (Husband from Egypt)

I would like to say thanks for your help in getting my fiancée here from Argentina. You were wonderful. I would recommend your service to anyone who is looking to get a spouse to the states. Our emails were answered quickly and professionally. Your fees were very reasonable compared to others and I was amazed at how quickly you returned calls and answered our emails. You were very involved in our case and we appreciate your help and support. I’m confident that we were very lucky to have chosen you and have you guide us through this maze of paperwork. I’m confident we picked the very best attorney to help with this process. I read your homepage again tonight and I would totally support everything you say in the section “Why hire us?” It is absolutely the truth without any exaggeration. Thanks again for your help.


- Jake (fiancée from Argentina)

Eric provided us with the information that we needed to make the process of applying for a K-1 Visa successful. The information he provided on possible questions the consulate would ask your finance was very valuable while preparing for the interview. When we asked for information, he was quick to respond and he was a great resource during this process.


- Christy (K-1 Visa for fiancé from Ghana)

Anyone having any doubt about Eric and Elizabeth being the best choice to represent them should talk to me. I have had 11 years dealing with immigration and lawyers, as I have sponsored some students. You are the best; I would not even consider not having you by my side. You have always responded personally and promptly. I just wish I could find legal representation in my business with your integrity, compassion, expertise and thoroughness. Everything went like clockwork, my wife, Catalina, and the children are here with me, with their travel/work permits, S.S. cards, and approved Green Cards on the way. Like so many times before, thank you so very much again.


- Mike (fiancée from Guatemala)

Thanks Eric. My fiancée just collected her K1 visa. We chose to use an attorney for our visa process because we could not afford any unnecessary delays. Due to Eric Dean’s help there was not a single request for “additional evidence”. We were also pleased with Eric’s prompt replies to our many emails. Currently we live on the opposite side of the world from the USA. Despite the time difference, Eric was always available. As well as emails, we also had a number of phone conversations. The peace of mind from good advice and reassurance has been priceless.


- Tom (fiancée from Iran)

Dear Eric, once again I'd like to thank you for helping Natasha and I get my Visa. We decided to hire an attorney to help us through the Visa process since we had a baby on the way and any delays with the paperwork was something we couldn't afford. After looking for a while we found Eric, someone affordable yet good, and oh were we right. I recently got my Visa and am preparing to fly to the US later this week and there's not a single bad thing I can say about working with Eric. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable at what he does, he made us feel extremely confident in both his abilities and everything working out good and he never let us down. Eric is also extremely pleasant to talk to and really easy to contact (just call him), a lot of our communication has been through email and he responds much faster then I would've ever thought and expected.

One of my biggest fears when hiring a lawyer was getting someone who would be rather distant from the process. Eric is the complete opposite of this, he is very involved in the process. Especially since he's been through it himself, he knows how much it all means for us. The whole process was made a lot easier for us since Eric knows exactly what information is needed and if at times it wasn't clear to us what he needed for everything, he was just a phone call or an email away and we would get an answer/explanation. Even when down the line we encountered a potential problem, he managed to help us deal with the situation to keep our case on track. Thankfully we did not have any requests for additional evidence. The interview at the consulate only consisted of me handing over the necessary documentation, after this I was told my Visa was granted and I could go to the US.

Thanks to all this we decided to hire Eric again to help us get me my Green Card and Work/Travel Permit. Once again thank you so much Eric for making this feel a lot easier for us, always being there, putting our minds at ease, and foremost for reuniting my fiancée, our daughter and myself.


- Natasha (fiancée from the Netherlands)

I am writing this testimonial in hopes that Eric will post this on his website, so I might be able to help someone else save time and a lot of headaches--looking for the RIGHT Visa lawyer. Trust ME! You can STOP Reading Now and Call Eric and get him started working on getting your loved one home to you here in the U.S.A. HE IS THE BEST THERE IS!! OK you want to hear more? I met my wife (now) on a dating site last August (2008) in Nanning China. After using Yahoo Cam and Skype Cam and E-mails and many phone calls, we decided to get married in Jan. (2009). I started my long search for what I needed to do to bring Jing home. After looking at all the paperwork involved, I knew I needed a lawyer---WOW there are a lot of people out there willing to take your money. PLEASE learn from my experience, Eric has the needed experience, and has experienced everything we are going through, by bringing his own wife home the same way. When I called Eric, he actually answered the phone himself!! His knowledge of the process was also as impressive. After a lot of thinking (on my part) even though his price was a little higher than the other Guys --- I know now that he is well worth anything he would charge. Eric told me exactly what I needed to bring my wife home from China. So when I came back from our wedding I had everything he needed to get started on my wife's visa. Eric was able to get everything filed quickly--EVEN with all my questions--he got answers to me the same day, by phone or e-mail (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT). Everything was moving quickly--until Eric called me and told me that the K-3 Visa was NO MORE--(MY heart dropped)-- Eric assured me that the CR-1 Visa would not be a problem ( He is very good at what he does) Eric refiled everything for the CR-1 Visa---and everything was approved quickly. To shorten this story---after all the trouble that was handed to Eric, he kept my case moving and got my wife an interview in Guangzhou, China. With all the preparation Eric gave me and my wife, out of the 10 interviews given that day, my wife was the only one that passed the interview. The person conducting the interview told my wife that all her paperwork and documents were the most complete and in order that he had seen in a long while. He only asked my wife two questions---(1.) Are you sure you have a good husband? (2.) Are you ready to go to the U.S.A. to be with your husband? I am so pleased with Eric, and what he has done for my wife and me. She even got her Green Card in 30 days. It was so good to have her home for Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Thanks again Eric, from the bottom of our hearts, Keith and Jingru


- Keith (wife from China)

Eric provided us with the information that we needed to make the process of applying for a K-1 Visa successful. The information he provided on possible questions the consulate would ask your finance was very valuable while preparing for the interview. When we asked for information, he was quick to respond and he was a great resource during this process.


- Christy (fiancé from Ghana)

I am very pleased that I chose the Law Offices of Eric Dean in my pursuit of receiving a K-1 visa for my fiancée from Portugal. We corresponded mainly via email, and Eric was always prompt in replying to all of my various questions with detailed answers. Without Eric's guidance my dreams of bringing Joana to the United States would have been a lot more difficult. His precise explanations and guidance helped us immensely through our important journey and we would recommend his professional services to anyone looking to obtain a K-1 visa for their loved one. If ever in doubt we both knew he would be there on the receiving end of our questions being only a simple phone call away. He comes highly recommended by the both of us. Thanks again for your assistance, Eric.


- Luke (fiancée from Portugal)

Eric and Liz, thank you very much for your help. I am in the Military and I had no idea what paperwork was needed or how to complete it. With your assistance, the process was so easy, and you took care of any problems we had with our visa packet. You answered all of our e-mails and calls in a timely manner and I agree with the rest of the testimonials when they say that Eric doesn’t sleep and he made sure that we were taken care of. The price is just right since I am in the U.S. Army and don’t make a lot and bringing my wife over from the Philippines can get pricey, but I wanted things done right, with no problems with the USCIS. Since I am in the military Eric helped me get an Expedite and my wife’s visa was done in less than 4-5 months total that is everything including her CR-1 visa. It was so fast. Even at the interview in the Philippines when my wife went there were a lot of people who did not bring enough evidence. Eric told us what to bring, and all the paperwork was rock solid. My wife received her green card after she entered the states, and Eric stood by us checking up on USCIS to see where and when it would come. They were always there for us when we needed them. I recommend Eric to anyone who is serious about getting their spouse or fiancée to the states. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again Eric and Liz you guys are awesome!! – Matt and Ria


- Matt (wife from the Philippines)

Thank you for making this happen for us. You took away all fear of what could go wrong, calmed our anxieties, and made this so much easier than if we tried it ourselves. I know we would have messed up badly and your fee is very reasonable. We enjoyed working with you and your wife so much! THANK YOU.


- Anne (fiancée from Australia)

Thanks to Eric and Liz, everything in our petition was in order and our case was so polished. We had a sense of confidence, and due to all of the preparation, the interview went well. Our visa was granted!


- Bob (fiancée from the Philippines)

Eric, I would like to thank you for helping to bring my family together. You were very understanding and had an ear every time that I wanted a question answered, calming when issues came up, and thorough in your work and desire to keep the focus. Our case had some ups and downs due to things beyond our control, but you forged through, contacted the parties that caused our delays and pushed them to get our process completed in a very quick manner. Today my fiancée is now my wife here in the United States, we wake every morning with the sight of the person who completes our lives, and all is because of your help. With my wife at my side, we cannot say “Thank You” enough!!!


- Adam (fiancée from Mexico)

Eric and Liz were wonderful in successfully obtaining my Canadian fiancée's K1 Visa! I never had an attorney that was available, day or night, to answer any question that my fiancée or I had. You could not select a better attorney for this process.

- Keith (fiancée from Canada)

I want to say that Eric Dean’s services are very professional, friendly, and with a personal touch that you would not get with other large services. Eric answers all questions with swift responses and goes beyond what most other services provide. He is also fair and priced much better than those so called large services. He is well versed in this area and I was very satisfied with his services. Because of his attention to detail I was able to secure my wife's visa from China.


- Gregg (fiancée from China)

I feel so fortunate to have found Eric Dean and to have had his expertise during the process of obtaining Maurice's K-1 fiancé visa. Eric was very patient while answering all of our questions, and he usually responded to our emails within a few hours, which was fantastic! He helped us through a process which would have been very confusing and stressful had we attempted to do it on our own. His personal attention to us made us feel as though we were his number one priority. We would definitely recommend Eric's services to anyone seeking to obtain a K-1 or CR-1 visa!

- Jessica (fiancé from the Netherlands)

My fiancée reported that when she went to the Consulate, her visa was the only one approved out of 4 applicants when she was there. The rest were all turned down for either lack of paperwork or wrong paperwork. She reports that you are a really good lawyer and that you did a great job for us. Thanks!


- Neal (fiancée from China)

Eric's expert guidance and professional support saw us through the sometimes confusing and always nuanced process of application for a fiancée visa and subsequent green card.
From our first enquiry to the final outcome, Eric was always available, patient and prompt in his responses. Our trust and confidence in him has been repeatedly validated as has been his respect for our needs. Thank you, Eric.

Christine and Jerry


- Jerry (fiancée from Lebanon)

Eric Dean was a delight to work with. He is knowledgeable, patient, and most of all accessible. His is a great communicator and easy to speak with. During this sometimes nerve-wracking and frustrating process he was able to keep things going and keep us calm! Emails, voice messages, even panicky calls from the airport at 9:30 PM - he was always there for us. Thanks Eric! James & Amanda Hagarty

- James (Fiancée from Canada)

Both Jermaine and I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help with this process, your organization, dedication, and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. When this process first started, we didn't know where to start. We searched the Internet and the state of Delaware for a suitable immigration attorney, but received a relaxed response to our immediate need. It was our desire to have an attorney that would understand the importance of our petition and that we could trust to handle this petition with care.

I will never forget sitting in my kitchen one Saturday morning, and coming across your website on the Internet, after reading your story, I instantly had an unexplainable comfort level with your services. Although mostly all attorney offices are closed on Saturday, I decided to leave you a message, surprisingly you said hello upon the second ring, which in return spoke volumes about the sensitivity, urgency and importance you hold in regards to your firm and immigration situations.

From beginning to end, you advised and outlined step by step by instructions, the time line and expectations for this process was precise and you significantly minimized the stress of this process because of your commitment to the success of our petition.
In a world where the Internet is full of scams, and misleading information, it brings us great peace to have experienced an attorney, sight unseen, dedicated to the process of helping others make their dreams a reality.

We just wanted you to know how much you and your legal team are truly appreciated for your exceptional guidance during this entire process. Eric, we will forever be eternally grateful for your services. We STRONGLY, with high recommendation would refer you and your team!

With Sincere Thanks,
Tabitha & Jermaine


- Tabitha (fiancé from Jamaica)

After Steven and I got engaged and started researching the K-1 Visa process we knew we needed an attorney, if only for the paperwork alone. We chose Eric because he had gone through this process himself and has a high success rate with his clients. We definitely made the right decision! Not only were Steven and I approved but we never needed to provide additional evidence. In fact the lady who conducted Steven's interview even said, "your attorney did a great job in getting all your paperwork correct and in proper order and you should use him again in the future." Thank you Eric for all you have done to ensure this process went smoothly as possible with no delays. We feel so fortunate to finally be able to live life together that no amount of words could thank you enough.

Steven (England) and Julie (Kansas) Harris

- Julie (fiancé from the UK)

Thank you Mr. Dean for the quick responses and accurate information when you represented my fiancée and I in getting our K-1 visa from Indonesia. All the time frames you gave us were 100% accurate, and all the information and paperwork was filed and completed with professional care. You were very patient and answered all of our many questions and concerns, and all of our emails were answered with concise, easy to understand explanations. I would recommend you and your firm to anyone who wants an experienced attorney to represent them in obtaining a visa. Sincerely, Daniel and Jeanne.

- Daniel (fiancée from Indonesia)

I was born in Haiti and lived in the US for over 40 years. I became a US citizen while in the military.

In 2009 I met a wonderful and intelligent woman, with a vibrant personality, while in Haiti visiting a childhood friend at his business office. It did not take us long to connect with each other. It was love at first sight. We have been dated since we met and got engaged in 2011. We then decided not to stay apart any longer.

I immediately began to search on the web for an Attorney, I can trust, work with and who is specialized in K1 visa. Luckily for us, I discovered Eric Dean. Eric worked with me and my fiancée non-stop and diligently to ensure that all the required paperwork were filled out correctly, reviewed and verified prior to processing.

What made it so interesting was that Eric and his wife had demonstrated good team work to ascertain that each step for the K1 is carefully, professionally and timely handled. I was able to talk with him at any time during the course of this process. We even at times communicated late evenings and weekends. He always returned my calls and responded to my emails and that I really liked. He takes his work very seriously and that was exactly the kind of Attorney I was searching for.

There are a lot of K1 Attorneys out there, but do not go any further. Hire someone like Eric who has passion and takes his work very seriously.
My future wife is on her way to the US to marry the man of her life. We both are very happy and excited and are so thankful for the legal service both Eric and his wife so carefully and professionally provided to us to help us making this wonderful trip together as husband and wife.

Thanks so much Eric for making our dream comes true. We cannot forget you!

- Mike (fiancée from Haiti)



Thank you Eric for always responding to my questions so promptly, I've wondered when you sleep, even when I'd email you late at night I'd often have your answer when I got up the next morning.  And if the matter was really urgent, I especially appreciated when you either answered the phone or called me right back.  The end result was Joyce and I were very prepared for the interview and the entire process went very smoothly.  There are so many gray areas and details, I'm glad I didn't try to file the petition myself...and now that we're married I'm glad again that you're there to help with the change of status papers.  Again thank you so much, you're a pro!  Nick

- Nick (fiancée visa from the Philippines)

 I met my now husband in South Africa. With Eric's help we started the K-1 Fiancé Visa process. My husband received his K-1 visa and then his Green Card.

Prior to contacting Eric, I did many hours of research on exactly how to go about all of this. I called local Immigration Attorneys and it was difficult to get any information about this process without signing up to be a client first. I eventually found Eric's website. I was very intrigued that he too had personally gone through a K-1 Visa. So I emailed him a list of my questions. He promptly responded and continued to answer many more of my questions before I even hired him !!!!

Eric helped us to gather the mountains of information needed. He quickly and efficiently prepared every single form. He submitted everything and consistently kept us up to date on the progress. He prepped us for both: my Husbands interview in South Africa, and our joint interview for the Green Card.

But, most of all, for an entire YEAR ( without delay ) Eric replied to all my emails/questions even through Hurricane Sandy !!!

I thought a K-1 visa would be stressful. I was not prepared for all the waiting. And this is where Eric is invaluable. He has also been through this process... he knows how hard it is (emotionally) He UNDERSTANDS !

No hesitation ... I would recommend Eric Dean. I always felt our case was handled exceptionally well. And that we were in good hands! Thank You Eric for all your hard work.
- Jennell (fiancée from South Africa) 

Both myself and Ashley would like to express our gratitude to you during this entire process. Your work on our case has been absolutely flawless from start to finish. At the moments where we felt the most apprehensive or uncertain, we could always rely on you to give us accurate and sound advice and support. We cannot express how much your support helped us to maintain hope with a sense of realism. Without your thorough knowledge and expertise of the process, we wouldn't have had such an easy experience!

We are now happily married and living together in California with our dog Alfie- something that we never thought could be possible so quickly. Everything was worth it and we hope to spread the great work that you and Liz do so that other couples can be with their love also. You both will forever be a part of our story.

Thank you for everything Eric and we wish you success in your future work. Please feel free to use us as a testimonial or let us know where we can write a review to help others hear about you.
- Ashley (fiancé from the U.K.)

Dear Eric, We would like to extend our warmest greetings and thank you for your expertise in the handling of Andrea's Visa. She received her permanent visa this past week. It would have been so stressful if we tried to do it ourselves. Your company is very professional and even when we had difficulties you put us at ease and handled the problems with ease. I would recommend your company and services to anyone that would like to get a permanent visa to live in the USA.

Best regards, and thanks again we appreciate your work! 
- Charles (fiancée from Germany)

What can I say about Eric Dean law office. I will make this short and sweet do to if you are taking the time to read my testimony then you need not shop any more for the best and I do mean the best man for the job. Eric is the first attorney I have ever called for help and questions about my case that he himself answered the call or he would email me the same day. I met my fiancée just over a year ago in Dalian China and have been to China twice to spend time with her.

We knew we were to be so I found Eric online just as you are doing now and I called. He did all the work and answered all questions I had or my fiancée had the same day or the next. The best part was at her interview our papers were in the best order that I believe they had no questions to ask her so they gave her two. One was if I liked her cooking haha and the other was what I liked the most of her cooking. Off course she said I loved it all and I do. I never thought I would love someone the way I do. Wei and I owe Eric and his wife for all their help in making my dream of being happy forever come true. I would consider Eric a friend for he was by my side all the way to the end. The end is just the beginning for us now and you have made the best choice in Eric do not look any farther for the right man for the job.
- Curt (fiancée from China) 

Eric provided expert guidance, advice and assistance as he navigated the K1-K2 visa process for my fiance and I. We received our visa within five months from submitting our initial petition and we are extremely happy. We have referred Eric's firm to others who need this type of assistance. We are grateful. 
 - Ephraim (fiancée from Tanzania)

I would like to share my experience with having the Law Offices of Eric Dean successfully help bring my fiancee from Cambodia to the USA on a K1 visa. Before I hired Eric Dean to file the K1 visa for Nary, who is now my lovely wife, I spent a lot of time searching for an attorney who I could feel comfortable with, trust and afford. I talked with many different attorneys, all who I might add charged considerably more for their services than Eric Dean. I knew that it was difficult having a K1 visa approved in Cambodia. Nearly 80% who go to their first interview at the US consulate in Phnom Penh are denied. I needed an attorney who had experience with Cambodia. During my search on the Internet I found the Law Offices of Eric Dean. I liked the photo of him and his wife. I liked what they had to say about the service they provide. I gave Eric a call and felt comfortable talking with him.

Everyone who is trying to bring their fiancee to the USA goes in to the same uncharted waters I did. We have many questions about the process. We don't know what to expect. All we want is to bring the one we love and want to marry back home to America. We want an attorney who can answer all our question honestly. Put us at ease. Be available. The Law Offices of Eric Dean fit the bill.

Much like Greyhound, you can leave the driving to Eric and his competent wife. Eric Dean was the person who made the entire process of obtaining the K1 visa for Nary a success the first time around. I have never written a testimonial before. I know there are many men out here searching for the right attorney. Stop your searching today. Call Eric up and find out for yourself what a nice, smart and knowledgeable attorney he is. Now Nary and me are happily married living in the San Francisco Bay area. I hired Eric Dean to file Nary's Adjustment of Status and her application was accepted quickly and we are now waiting for our interview to obtain her Green Card. Eric Dean made our dreams come true. He can do it for you too. All you need to do is give him a call.
- James (fiancée from Cambodia) 

Dion and I are so pleased for the great service that Atty. Eric and Liz Dean rendered to us as their client in processing and assisting our paper works. It was a great step by step process in making our journey in life be a reality. I came to USA through K-1 Fiance(e) visa and throughout the whole process was smooth and comfortable.

Dion and I appreciate the way Atty. Eric and Liz Dean communicate and informed us in every step and progress of our application. We're so overwhelmed that it didn't take that much time for us to wait opposite to what we're expecting to happen. Their great service in handling us as a client was just so incredible.
- Dion (fiancée from the Philippines) 

We are so grateful to Eric and Elizabeth for all their help throughout this process. John and I ran busy lifestyles at the time of applying for our K1 visa, so it was a huge relief to have Eric available and on the case for us. Our 'Visa Journey' began in late December 2013 after getting engaged in September earlier that year, and less than six months later the journey was complete - we were married on June the 12th in California! We highly recommend Eric, his service was always reliable, the fees were affordable, and I believe we could not have done it without him. Thank you Eric so much for helping us begin our future together in the U.S.A.  
- Johnathan (fiancée from the U.K.) 

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