Why Hire Us?

Why Hire Us?

My law office offers QUALITY and PERSONAL SERVICE from a Husband (Eric Dean, Attorney) and Wife (Elizabeth Dean, Legal Assistant), who met online and were themselves married on a K-1 Visa. Let us use our personal experience to reassure you and guide you through the system. Please see our Home Page & About Us Page for Further Information.


We have personal experience in the field of K-1, K-3, & CR-1 visas, in that we are a husband and wife team who met online, and were subsequently married on a K-1 Visa. We have been through the process ourselves, and know what it is like. I believe that our personal experience gives us insight into your situation, and allows us to understand your feelings of uncertainty and anxiety in having to deal with the immigration process, and a number of imposing bureaucracies, including the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

As we state in our motto, “Together We Will See You Through”! This includes not only the legal representation which we provide for you and your fiancée (or wife), but also being available to discuss your case and to address your concerns, and reassure you at each step of the process.

While I handle the legal work involved in obtaining your visa, my wife, Elizabeth, serves as a legal assistant in our firm, and is available to speak with you and your fiancé (or wife), to explain the process from the personal perspective of a fiancé in a foreign country—because she has been in that situation herself!


I have practiced law for over 25 years, and am a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. I hold a number of academic degrees, including a law degree from Indiana University, and a Ph.D. from Yale University.

My wife, Elizabeth, is a legal assistant with our firm. She holds a graduate degree in Molecular Genetics from the University of Malaya, and ran her own business for over 10 years before coming to the US.

We have the ability and knowledge to give you top notch representation in obtaining your K-1 or CR-1 visa.


Some K-1/CR-1 law firms boast that they have handled thousands of cases. In such a “factory atmosphere”, I question whether you will receive the personal service you need and deserve. It is our objective to handle your case in a personal, sympathetic, and effective manner. It is my pledge that if you call us, you will never feel that you are simply a number, or that you are being rushed.


 When all is said and done, I think you will find that it is more than worth the money to hire us to handle your petition and guide you through the system—it is convenient and gives you tremendous peace of mind.

We feel that we offer the best value out there—we are here at all hours & on weekends, to answer your questions or concerns. You will feel relaxed picking up your phone to call us.

I believe that we can do an excellent job for you, in helping you obtain your K-1 or CR-1 visa.

Contact us about your visa today!

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